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Five Ways to Motivate Yourself for Bodybuilding (Best Guide)


What is bodybuilding and who is a bodybuilder anyway? We have heard the term of bodybuilding many times but I am sure very few of us know what exactly it is about.

Bodybuilding involves building musculature through progressive resistance, in simpler words its building your body to develop bigger muscles.

bodyThere are many benefits of bodybuilding; it does not only make your body fit but improves cognitive abilities as well, adds proportion to the body, increases flexibility, reduces stress and improves self-esteem.

If you want to start bodybuilding but find it hard to go about it, we have compiled a list of five ways you can use to motivate yourself for bodybuilding. Read onto below to find out:


  1. Find a Training partner

Nothing is better than having a person to have around who have the same goals as you do, it not only supports you but also challenges you to perform better. Look up in your close and far community and find whether an in-person or virtual partner for yourself.

  1. Look at your pictures to motivate

Look at yourself in the mirror and look at your old and new pictures, compare before and after forms and motivate yourself. If you are following an active routine, you will notice that each of your new pictures better than the previous one. This will motivate you to get in the best form. See your musculature developing over time.

  1. focusCompare your progress with our Bodybuilders

Try to find in your circle and outside bodybuilders who are bigger or have better form than you have. Compare their profile with yours and try to figure out which things you have been missing on. Get motivation and try to incorporate those missing things in your life.

  1. Visualize your body

Visualize your body in its best and worst form. Imagine what would happen if you get back to the worst form. See pictures of fat men as an example and reinforce how bad you would feel for yourself if you become one of them.

  1. Reward your own self

Reward yourself when you achieve a milestone. The rewards can be anything from a cheat meal to a new bodybuilding accessory be it a new pair of gloves or a tank top. Self-rewarding is so necessary because no one else is going to reward you until you yourself do it.

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